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Through the South Dakota Grazing Management & Planning Project (formerly the Management Intensive Grazing Systems (MiG) Project), initiated in July, 1999, grassland managers, grassland and livestock organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies are working together to design, implement, and monitor "management intensive" grazing systems. In addition, information learned from the on-ranch demonstrations and other producers is being shared with other grassland managers, researchers, agency specialists, and the public.

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The "management intensive" grazing method focuses on a high (intensive) level of management. It does not mean that the grassland vegetation is grazed intensely (i.e. short). Management intensive grazing involves periodic grazing of multiple paddocks for short periods of time.

Farmers, ranchers, and all landowners who manage grasslands in South Dakota face the dual challenges of running a profitable business and sustaining a quality grassland environment. Management intensive grazing needs to be tested in South Dakota to determine its impacts on the livestock, wildlife, water, soil, vegetation, net profit. Its fit with ranch and family management needs to be monitored and evaluated as well.

The challenge to the Project partnership is to "manage grasslands through methods that increase profits while producing the desired vegetation, clean water, and a healthy and more diverse wildlife population." Technical assistance is available through this project for ranchers interested in exploring ways to improve their operation.

Project Partners include:
American Creek Conservation District
SD Association of Conservation Districts
SD Grassland Coalition
South Dakota State University
US Fish & Wildlife
US Environmental Protection Agency
SD Game, Fish, & Parks
SD Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources
SD Dept. of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Lower James RC&D Council

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