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At the heart of South Dakota's environmental stewardship and conservation efforts lies the South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts (SDACD). Our mission is simple yet profound: to lead, represent, and assist conservation districts in promoting a healthy environment. Our vision is equally clear: to lead South Dakota in the conservation of all natural resources.

Who We Are

As a collective of passionate individuals, conservationists, and environmental advocates, SDACD serves as a driving force in preserving the natural beauty and vitality of our state. Our conservation members represent diverse concerned citizens (rural and urban, landowner and retailer, educator and student) all united by a common purpose: protecting and enhancing the environment we all depend on.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to precisely what SDACD envisions - leading, representing, and assisting conservation districts in promoting a healthy environment. This mission is a beacon, guiding us in our commitment to safeguarding South Dakota's natural resources for current and future generations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of South Dakota's conservation endeavors. We aspire to lead our great state in the responsible stewardship of all natural resources, ensuring that South Dakota remains a shining example of environmental excellence.

With decades of experience and a deep understanding of our state's unique ecosystems, we work to provide resources, support, and leadership in conservation initiatives. From soil health and water quality to wildlife preservation and sustainable agriculture, SDACD is dedicated to advancing the cause of conservation.

Together, we strive to protect and nurture the land that sustains us, ensuring that South Dakota remains a place of scenic beauty, abundant resources, and vibrant communities.

Explore More About Us

Ready to dive deeper into the South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts? Discover more about our team, committees, employees, and more by exploring the following sections:

Get to know the dedicated individuals who drive our mission forward.

Learn about the specialized groups working on specific conservation initiatives.

Stay up-to-date with our meetings and access reports detailing our achievements.

Meet the employees supporting local conservation districts, promoting professionalism, and providing resources for conservation employees.

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