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  • The recipient will be a current year graduate of a South Dakota High School.

  • The recipient shall have graduated in the upper 50% of the class.

  • Students must be attending a school in an Agricultural/Conservation-related field in a South Dakota College or Vocational School.



  • Three (3) $500 Scholarships are offered. 

  • Payment will be rendered to the recipient. The amount of the scholarship is $500 to be paid upon completion of the 2nd semester registration.

  • The scholarship money will be used for purchasing books or any other college use.



The award will be presented at the recipient's annual school awards program.


Selection criteria: 

1.  Personal (employment, extracurricular, honors, community service)= 40%

2.  Brief description of education and career goals = 30%

3.  Academic (grades & class rank) = 10%

4.  Letters of recommendation (2) = 10%

5.  Financial Need = 10%


SDACDE Memorial Scholarship History:

The South Dakota Association of Conservation District Employees started a Memorial Scholarship Fund in 1995 to honor the memory of past employees and their passion, dedication and commitment to the conservation movement.


The SDACDE is offering three (3) - $500 scholarships.  The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage those students concerned with conserving their natural resources by furthering their education in an agricultural/conservation-related field.  The scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors who will be attending a 4-year college or vocational school.

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