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South Dakota's extensive prairies, rolling hills, winding rivers, and diverse wildlife make it a region of great natural beauty. We take our responsibility to preserve this unique beauty and thriving ecosystems seriously, ensuring they endure for generations to come.

The "Explore Conservation" page offers dedicated sections that provide in-depth insights into our natural resources. Discover more about these resources, their significance, and their role in our environment. Additionally, we offer an educational activities section designed to engage and educate children about these natural resources. Whether you're an experienced environmentalist, a curious learner, or an educator inspiring the conservationists of tomorrow, you'll find valuable resources here.

Natural Resources

South Dakota's natural resources form the foundation of our state's identity and vitality. Each element plays a critical role in maintaining our ecosystems, from the fertile soil that sustains our agriculture to the waters that flow through our lands. Learn how our natural resources shape our state, and discover the conservation efforts dedicated to preserving them for future generations.


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South Dakota's conservation efforts are a collaborative endeavor that welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds to get involved. Whether you're an adult eager to take an active role in preserving our natural beauty or an educator inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards, this section offers a diverse range of engaging activities and resources. From educational materials to interactive projects, explore ways to connect with the environment, deepen your understanding, and contribute to the conservation of our natural resources.

Photo Gallery

Journey through South Dakota's captivating landscapes, from the rugged beauty of the Black Hills to the tranquil shores of our lakes and rivers. Our photo gallery is a visual celebration of conservation in action. 

These photos in the slideshow may be used free of charge in publications, web sites, or other projects. Please give credit to South Dakota Assocation of Conservation Districts by using "Photo courtesy of SDACD". Photo rights are obtained by SDACD.

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