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Welcome to Forestry in South Dakota

Discover the resources and programs dedicated to preserving and enhancing South Dakota's forests and trees. Our state is renowned for its rich natural landscapes, and we are committed to ensuring that these resources continue to thrive for generations to come.

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture's Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry is dedicated to promoting responsible forest management and environmental stewardship. For detailed information and additional resources related to forestry in South Dakota, we encourage you to visit the South Dakota Department of Agriculture's forestry programs webpage. You can access more in-depth insights, educational materials, and any available programs that align with your forestry interests. 

On the forestry programs webpage, you'll find comprehensive information covering a range of essential forestry topics, including:

  • Forest Health: Learn how to identify and address tree insects and diseases that may affect your trees.

  • Forest Inventory: Access a comprehensive census of South Dakota's forest lands.

  • Forest Legacy Program: Discover how we're working to keep forest lands as forests for future generations.

  • Rural Forestry: Find assistance and guidance for managing forests on private lands.

  • Urban and Community Forestry: Explore resources to support forestry initiatives in your community.

  • Forest Action Plan: Dive into our 10-year strategic plan for forest management in South Dakota.

  • Reports and Publications: Access a wealth of forestry-related publications and best practices.

  • Education Programs: Engage with programs like Arbor Day Contests, Junior Forest Ranger, and Smokey Bear Information.

  • Wood Utilization: Learn about making products from trees sustainably.

  • Agroforestry: Access information and publications related to windbreaks, shelterbelts, and living snow fences in South Dakota.

  • Information Publications: Explore a wide range of informative publications covering various forestry topics.

Conservation Commission Grant


Resource Conservation & Forestry

Program Website:

About the Program: 

The Conservative Commission Grant offers program provided cost share assistance to private landowners (through the local conservation districts) to improve the natural resources within the state of South Dakota.

Agency Contacts:

Bill Smith


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