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Throughout South Dakota, the air quality is relatively good, but there is room for improvement. Our air quality in various areas of the state could be, on any given day, affected by blowing dust, road dust, unpleasant odors, industrial output or natural events occurring halfway across the world. 


Airborne pollutants are measurable solids, liquids, or gases that can negatively impact our environment. Odor is a subjective consideration; what is offensive to one can be of no consequence to another.

Our dependence on carbon-based fuels affects our economy and our environment. Our increased use of alternative energy sources could not only improve our local economies, but also our global air quality.

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Air Activities

Air Activities


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This informative 3-minute video clip from the History Channel's "Dust Bowl" explores the root causes behind the Dust Bowl, shedding light on the factors that led to this environmental catastrophe

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More Air Materials & Activities

The American Lung Association has created a series of indoor air quality activities and lessons for teachers and caregivers of children pre-k through middle school to teach about indoor air quality concepts in a fun, engaging way.

The UCAR Center of Science Education offers a range of educational activities to help students explore air pollution, its science, and solutions. Activities cover topics such as carbon dioxide emissions, parts per million and billion, smog modeling, air pollutant identification, ozone effects, ground-level ozone variations, and understanding contributions to air pollution from daily activities.

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