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Water has many uses ranging from drinking to fishing to swimming to irrigation to wildlife habitat to livestock watering. Not only must the water be good enough to meet these purposes, but there must also be enough of it. Our choices affect our water quality. We must choose to use best management practices that enhance our water such as grazing systems, conservation tillage, streambank stabilization, grassed waterways, tree plantings, terraces, strip cropping, nutrient management systems, etc. 

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Water Activities

Water Activities

Discover a wealth of educational resources within the EPA's Drinking Water Activities for Students and Teachers program. Tailored for students from kindergarten to grade 12, this initiative offers a wide range of engaging activities that promote a deeper understanding of our drinking water systems. Additionally, educators can access a variety of valuable resources to enhance their teaching and share essential knowledge about clean and safe drinking water with their students.


Click here for Drinking Water Activities for Students and Teachers

More Water Materials & Activities

Visit the EPA's 'Kids Corner' on their website for a fun and educational experience filled with activities and information designed to engage and educate young learners about environmental topics."

Explore a wide range of educational resources related to Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution, including activities for students, middle school articles and activities, interactive games like 'Darby Duck, the Aquatic Crusader,' and valuable tools like the Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox, all aimed at fostering environmental awareness and education.

Help children understand why their actions contribute to the condition of the world with the resources listed here.

In this activity, 3-5th graders get to investigate how water moves from Earth to clouds and back again. 

In this activity, 3-5th graders can examine the basic geography of a watershed, how water flows through the system, and how people can impact the quality of our water.

The's Kids' Corner is a place for kids of all ages. Whether you are 4 or 94, a student or a teacher, The Groundwater Foundation will help you learn and teach others about the wonders of GROUNDWATER! Find tools, resources, ideas, and ready-to-go activities to bring to life the magic of groundwater.

Discover engaging opportunities for K-12 students to learn about water quality and watershed conservation with the EPA and NEEF's online activities, including the Interactive Watershed Sleuth Challenge.

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